Monday, 16 May 2016

Nordplus project „Mission: my career” members meeting in Saldus

From April  4th-8th at  Saldus Elementary and Secondary school of Druva accomplished project „Mission: my career” activities. We continued to explore and identify various career opportunities in Saldus region  and outside it. On the first day  students  from Saldus Elementary school showed their skills: dancing, singing, joke telling etc. Project participants had the opportunity to get to know Saldus Elementary school, with the participation of the photo orientation activities. At he end of the day students could take part in workshops: decoupage or wood.
On the next day we went to Druvas Secondary school where  teacher Liāra Beļkeviča and students had prepared a variety of activities. We also visited the company "Druva food", which plans to become one of the leaders of the ice cream industry in Latvia. We discussed about employment opportunities for students in Saldus/Latvia  and Lithuania. We shared with our future career plans „My dream job”. Teacher Juris Zilvers  had prepared  unusual  sports activities in Sports hall of Druva.
The third day we went to our  capital city Riga, to visit  the newly built Academic Center for Natural Sciences of the University of Latvia. There we  could become acquainted with the study opportunities in Biology, Geography, Chemistry, Pharmacy and Optometry. In the National Library of Latvia we  learnt everything about the building, reading rooms and services. At the end of excursion we took part in „Psaiho” - horribly-positive emotion and theatrical–game with participation and fearing of it.
 In the  fourth day of the project we went to see career options in Saldus and  Skrunda. We were at Saldus radio and we visited black pottery master Artis Podnieks, also we acquainted the daily life of TV Skrunda journalist. At the of end of the day we had a party in Saldus Children and Youth center where we played different games, danced and enjoyed the last evening together.
At the last day we completed a questionnaire about project activities and usefulness in our future life. We also watched Lelde’s video about this week.
Many thanks to teachers and students who took  part in this project!

Translated by- Lelde Tiļļa, Kristiāna Blumberga

Photo-Marta Dzene